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The Most Simple Powerful Solution to Everyday Challenges!

A private consultation, using The Demartini Method® to neutralise emotional charges, balance mental and physical reactions, open the heart and clear the mind – resulting in new perceptions and a greater feeling of presence, certainty and gratitude.

Have you spent months or even years held back by circumstances deemed ‘out of your control’? Would you love to overcome these challenges quickly, without spending a lot of money and committing yourself to hours of therapy or ‘re-living’ the experience? Do you realize you can actually come out the other side of these events within a short space of time clear, balanced and grateful, ready to master your destiny rather than continue burdened as a victim of your history?

If you are ready to overcome your challenges, dissolve your emotions and get on with your life then it is time to book a consult and Demartini It!

What obstacles you will overcome:

  • Marriage, relationship and family conflicts
  • Loss – loss of a loved one, child or pregnancy; loss of a relationship, loss of a job, business, possessions or money
  • Traumatic events and memories, incest and rape
  • Divorce and separationDepression and anxiety
  • General life challenges

The Demartini Method® is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It is an effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict.

For more information contact mail@quintessentialcoaching.co.nz.

Don’t be a victim of your history, but a master of your destiny – Dr John Demartini


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