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This week I had a dream about the person I did the Demartini Method on and it was just normal. We could communicate with each other, be together, wave at each other (in that I saw the symbolism of ‘I wish you well’), while my dreams about her actually always felt like nightmares before. So I’m VERY happy with this result. ~ Marloes Hoogeweg, Velp NL

It just occurred to me how much differently I see things these days. I pretty much don’t worry anymore – well not much. And see everything as an opportunity of some sort. Have even changed my view of death too. Mostly coz of you. Thank you! ~ Erin Gray, Solicitor, Queenstown NZ

Its been almost two weeks since I last saw you. I will miss our sessions. You are a lovely person and I appreciate what I have learned from you and HeartMath. Thank you for everything. You are the best. ~ Wendy Payne, Wellington NZ

Thank you for giving your time so generously. I have been using your heart visualisation – It was amazing to see how it positively affected my results. What you explained about optimising the zone throughout the day and dealing with stress in the moment was very powerful and made my thoughts much clearer on the issue – for people I meet and personally. Thank you! ~ Natasha Le Grange, Naturopath, Queenstown NZ

It was lovely to meet you. I must say that I am really enjoying the neutral! I have had a wonderful day today, absolutely free from all the angst I was experiencing. I have found myself smiling for no reason except that I just feel happy and even joyful at times. I feel like me again! It is really interesting that something so simple can make such a difference. Thank you so much! ~ Jan, Queenstown NZ

Romy, a lovely woman who listens to her heart and has the courage to follow it. That took her around the globe. All the valuable insights she has learned from her travels around the world, while on her own search for meaning in life, she has incorporated into her coaching practice. Romy has  an insightful way of seeing right into the core of an issue. Once perceived, she has the ability to gently bring to light whatever is needed to find resolution. This is her gift. ~ Gerrit van der Heide, Improvement Facilitator, Drachten NL

Romy is able to listen without judging. She asks questions which really matter; questions which will challenge you and take you to the heart of the matter. She sees the diamond and strength in a person’s heart and soul, and tries to show it to them; to encourage them to polish it and make it even bigger. She lives and speaks from her heart. That is her real truth and is what she stands for. From her life experiences she has discovered that living from the heart is the right way, and that will bring you closer to yourself and to others. She strongly believes in the connection between heart and mind and the power and beauty of this union. This union IS Romy. ~ Cindy Ootes, Queenstown NZ

What stands out for me is Romy’s genuine curiosity in people and life. Her coaching techniques helped me find the real me again. Miss Quint has the ability to let people rediscover their own potential. Thank you. ~ Will, Amsterdam NL

Romy is able to look at situations both from the mind and the heart, aided by her sensitivity and authenticity.  She herself has experienced the difference in answers the mind and the heart provide. She can help others to listen to their minds and hearts, and in doing that, get a firm grip on their lives in the here and now. If you want to improve your life in the present, have a talk with her! ~ John Snijders Blok, Senior Development Coach KLM, Amsterdam NL

Romy helped me to change my life in one easy session! I had a deep seated inner conflict that was holding me back and I’d been trying to resolve it for years on my own. Since seeing Romy the issue that seemed so permanent has completely disappeared and my life has profoundly changed forever. With her bright spirit, natural ability and warmth she is a true guiding light and I feel truly grateful to have met her. ~ Coral Pearce, The Algarve PT

Romy is able to feel the emotions, to face them and to work out issues in a positive manner to achieve balance. At a time when I was sad and unhappy, Romy was able to listen to me without judging. She stayed neutral in her opinion and gave me an insight into my emotions and my future: Whatever I would do or choose, it would be the right choice. That was very powerful. ~ Marloes Hoogeweg, Velp NL

I met Romy while working to protect sea turtles in Mexico. Making an immediate impression on me, Romy opened my mind and heart profoundly.  Her’s is a voice of guidance that I will carry forever. With a taste for living life to its fullest, Romy has a spirit that I will always aspire towards. Thanks to her, I cherish! ~ Jeanie Puro, Vancouver BC

Heartmath is a modality which will change your life. Once you understand that the heart governs all, then big changes can be made. Using a little of Heartmath’s research I was able to re-centre and start living life from within.

Romy worked hard to get me to understand certain things about the way I perceive the world – and then change my attitudes. Her Demartini Method is a powerful compliment to Heartmath and results in lasting change. The workbooks and exercises further clarify the steps that need to be taken.

Once we get out of our heads and into the eternal now of our hearts then things change for the better. What I also find helpful is the health improvements and the reduction of stress. It’s also fun with no side effects! HeartMath remains an invaluable part of my life.

Romy is caring and hardworking and truly believes in what she does. I couldn’t recommend her more to those seeking non-duality as a healing modality.~ Richard Donald, Christchurch NZ

Having Romy teach me the tricks of HeartMath has been a great experience. Each session was amazing and during the sessions or while reading through the materials I had moments of clarity and realisation. I had been feeling drained, frazzled, nervous/anxious at times, and have always been a worrier.

It has been wonderful to learn the HeartMath tools and successfully apply them to my life. I find them easy to implement at work, at home and with more practice the easier it becomes. I can fall asleep after practising the coherence tools and generally am much happier and content. It’s a very good feeling.

I highly recommend Romy and the Heartmath system. Romy has a calming effect and cuts through to the issues in the most gentle way. After being with Romy I feel energised, calm and happy and I have learned to apply these feelings to my life now. Heartmath sets out the way to coherence in a clear and practical way. Completing the programme with Quintessential Coaching has been one of the best choices I have ever made! ~ Helen O’Leary, Solicitor, Queenstown NZ

I have been to Romy after a relationship split, which was very draining for me and I felt I was spiraling down and knew this had to stop but was not able at the time to find the rope in the dark to hold on to.
I noticed people reacted differently to me at that stage , and after a few sessions with Romy and changing how I felt by using some techniques, I could feel a shift in behavior around me and that was very uplifting. I felt a lot better myself and noticed an upward move in spirit.

I was also training for a marathon at that time, my first one. I used HeartMath during my training and during my race. I am still amazed by my race and I truly believe that using this technique during a race and during training will allow your heart to perform better and make your whole body more inline and will push you to some new heights. I can truly recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve performance, for me this is fine tuning of the engine. I am 38 and ran my first marathon in 3.12 hours and only did 2 month of solid training due to injuries.

And last, you can notice the difference, stuck in an argument or in a situation where you feel there is a wall. Changing your heart will break down that wall and things, whatever they may be, will be more in balance. ~ Niels, Front of House at The Hills & Photographer, Queenstown NZ


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